Easter Events in Oakland County

Hunting for an egg hunt? Get in the Easter spirit at one of the many Easter holiday events hosted in Oakland County. See our full list of over 30 Easter events, HERE.

As the thumping of Peter Cottontail’s bunny feet approaches, there are more opportunities than ever for all Oakland County residents to get in the seasonal spirit.

Little ones may enjoy meeting the Easter Bunny in-person, or diving into an egg hunt at the Goldfish Swim School’s “Hunt in the Pool.”  For teenagers and young adults, the “Flashlight Egg Hunts” in Farmington, Oxford, and Springfield Township bring a faster pace to the season’s festivities.  Additionally, children with special needs may like the Sensory-Friendly bunny at Great Lakes Crossing, and the Oakland County Park’s Marshmallow Drop with a designated time for individuals with disabilities.

If one of these, or our list of over 30 other Easter events in Oakland County appeal to you, don’t hesitate to grab your Easter Basket and go egg hunting!

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