Featured Communities

Oakland County is home to 62 cities, villages, and townships. Explore our most recent blog posts about activities and events in each featured community by navigating the pages below.

Auburn Hills

Auburn Hills is a well-known and prosperous city in central Oakland County. Home to Oakland University, a great deal of outdoor parks, the Palace of Auburn Hills, and the Headquarters of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, this city is always active. 


From its businesses along Woodward and unique downtown shopping and nightlife, to its quiet, cozy neighborhoods and nine community parks, Berkley has plenty to do. Family-friendly fun is everywhere, as well as party locales for adults; plan a trip to Berkley today!


Full of classy shops and restaurants, folks looking for a good time should look no further than Birmingham. The downtown of this picturesque Oakland County city is fantastic, and its parks, schools, and many cultural locations are no different. 

Bloomfield Hills

Constructed in the northern suburbs of Metro Detroit is the city of Bloomfield Hills. The city proudly values the traditional values of quiet residential properties, houses the wondrous Cranbrook Institute of Science and Art, and has plenty of things to do both inside and out.


Clarkston’s downtown, which has been designated a National Historical Site, features a picturesque main street lined with unique shops, businesses and eateries, including the Clarkston Union and the Fed Community, which are both incredibly popular dining destinations for people all over Metro Detroit. Clarkston also holds a myriad of events throughout the year, including concerts in Depot Park, parades, festivals and an art fair. In addition, it’s home to Oakland County’s largest park: Independence Oaks.


Clawson is a little city with a huge heart! A lot goes on in Clawson; people are constantly walking, running, or biking around town or having a nice picnic in its large city park. In addition, they have concerts in the park during the summer, as well as a wonderful farmer’s market.


Commerce is an active township in western Oakland County. Throughout the year, it holds multiple festivals and events that are sure to entertain residents and visitors alike.


Rolling hills and towering trees surround the many lakes of scenic Davisburg, a rural location that’s centrally located in Oakland County. Home to Springfield Oaks, Davisburg has lots to do outside during all times of the year, making it a wonderful destination for tourists and a great place to live for residents.

Farmington Hills

Farmington Hills residents enjoy upscale amenities, quaint architecture and an ever-improving downtown. At the heart of Farmington sits the Civic Theatre, a vintage movie house that still is under operation. The city has a prominent farmers market, lovely parks, and a passionate community which puts on festivals throughout the year.


Once, Ferndale was a sleepy community but it’s become one of the most modern places in Oakland County. With great dining and shopping outlets combined with affordable housing, Ferndale has grown into a vibrant community located just a few moments away from Royal Oak and Detroit. Every year, the heart of the Woodward Dream Cruise is here as well!

Groveland Township

Groveland Township is a quiet and secluded community where the air is clean and the scenery is beautiful. On its grounds, Groveland Oaks sits, a destination for folks all across Oakland County to camp, swim, and play in the great outdoors.

Hazel Park

Hazel Park is a smaller community full of active residents. A great deal of local organizations and events populate Hazel Park’s yearly calendar, drawing folks from across Oakland County to visit this rich Oakland County city.


Highland is a vibrant township in Oakland County. From its myriad of festivals and events throughout the year, to the well-kept Highland Oaks County Park, there’s a ton to do across the town.


Holly is a historic community that has grown into a charming town that offers visitors as well as residents great dining and shopping opportunities and a wide variety of outdoor recreational activities in its many lakeside parks. During the summer, Holly hosts a weekly car show and a splendid jubilee right off I-75: The Renaissance Festival.

Lake Orion & Orion Township

Lake Orion and Orion Township are fantastic areas to spend time outdoors. Recreational activities include boating on the lake, swimming, hiking, fishing, hunting, camping, biking, baseball, and more! In addition, the Oakland County area hosts a pristine park, Orion Oaks, which contains a huge dark park.


Leonard is tiny village in Addison Township, Oakland County. Despite its size, Leonard’s community life is rich and active, perfectly maintaining their land and welcoming all visitors to come and join in their village’s fun! One of Oakland County’s parks, Addison Oaks, rests here along Adams Lake.

Madison Heights

An awesome suburb of Detroit, Madison Heights is another one of the best places to be in Oakland County. Located close to everything, from business locations to recreational areas, the city hosts the wonderful Red Oaks County Park, which includes a waterpark, a dog park, and a golf course!


Milford is a perfect small settlement; the village center serves as a commercial center for its residents and has a ton of charm. All over Milford are little shops and eateries that draw in visitors from across Oakland County. But the best feature of Milford is Central Park, a great venue near Mill Pond that allows residents and visitors alike to walk around and relax.


Novi is a center for business and innovation in Oakland County. A variety of worldwide organizations conduct business here, but there’s also fun to be had for residents and visitors. The city holds art fairs in the summer, has a ton of swimming spots, and an awesome brewery.

Oak Park

Oak Park is a Metro Detroit suburb in southern Oakland County. Culturally diverse and financially stable, Oak Park’s residents pride themselves on their active community, safe neighborhoods, variety of businesses, and family-centered city.


Pontiac is a rich, lively city on the upswing. Complete with a downtown full of unique restaurants, live music, and art galleries, your next Oakland County visit should be to this historic Michigan settlement.


Southfield is one of Michigan’s premier business cities, but it’s also a great residential in Metro Detroit. From parks and recreation to great downtowns and education systems, Southfield is a wonderful Oakland County city.


Troy is a city where families, businesses, and everything else thrives. Every year, a vast amount of events, festivals, and activities take place in Troy, from runs along Big Beaver in the fall, to art bashes in the summer. One of Oakland County’s premier shopping locales, Somerset Collection, is also in Troy!


Nestled next to Novi and Commerce, Wixom is a city in Oakland County with a bustling downtown. In Wixom, residents and visitors alike can enjoy nature, attend concerts, eat a variety of delicious dishes, experience history, and shop for almost anything they desire!


Rochester is a city situated on the north side of Oakland County. Founded in 1817, Rochester has grown to be a lovely city with a vibrant shopping district, a weekly farmers market, and plenty of entertainment to be found.

Rochester Hills

Rochester Hills is a city located in east central Oakland County. The city hosts a beautiful nature center, a variety of outdoor and indoor fun and excitement, and interesting events year-round.

Royal Oak

Royal Oak is a city built in the heart of Metro Detroit. Featuring a bustling downtown, a slew of business opportunities and commerce outlets, and Oakland County’s largest zoo, Royal Oak is a community where anyone from Oakland County can find something to do.


Located in the heart of Oakland County, Waterford is a charter township with a ton of things to do! Visitors can swim and slide at the Waterford Oaks Waterpark, spend a lazy afternoon at Hess-Hathaway Park, or peruse many of the unique shops and restaurants that call Waterford home – and that’s just the beginning!

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