Get Ready to Run Oakland County!


Brooksie Way runners & walkers are lined up and ready!

Spring weather will be here soon and we know you can’t wait to ditch the treadmill. Our Spring Running Events page can help get your mind motivated and your body ready for the change in season. Check it out today and sign up for a race to walk or run. You’ll find events for every ability, including full marathons, mile walks, fun runs, and lots more. It’s almost time to lace up your shoes and head outside to enjoy the sights and sounds of spring.  Continue reading

Get Ready to be FRIGHTENED! (2014 version)


October has arrived and with it comes your favorite haunts! For those of you hardcore thrill-seekers that just love to be horrified, terrified and scared out of your minds, we have just what you’re looking for!

Here is your 2014 list of the scariest ‘Haunted Attractions’ in and around Oakland County. Check them out…if you dare!

For current attractions look to the Oakland County Things To Do page.

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Winter Fitness & Fun


Like rowing or swimming, cross-country skiing is a workout that uses every major muscle group in your body. It will help you keep of some of the pounds you’ve gained during the holiday feeding fest while giving your lungs a breath of fresh air.

But lets not kid ourselves, going up a small hill is tough to start with, so staying on flatter ground will be of great benefit to the inexperience skier. But other than not being properly dressed for winter, the risk of injury is far less than many other winter activities. It is still advised that you take a couple of lessons, to get you moving in the right direction.

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