Get Ready to Run Oakland County!


Brooksie Way runners & walkers are lined up and ready!

Spring weather will be here soon and we know you can’t wait to ditch the treadmill. Our Spring Running Events page can help get your mind motivated and your body ready for the change in season. Check it out today and sign up for a race to walk or run. You’ll find events for every ability, including full marathons, mile walks, fun runs, and lots more. It’s almost time to lace up your shoes and head outside to enjoy the sights and sounds of spring. 

Did you know walking and running are good for the heart, mind, and whole body? Whether you’re looking forward to your first or your hundredth race this year, use these tips to be successful:

  1. Always hydrate before, during and after a race. Don’t let dehydration, fatigue or muscle soreness prevent you from performing your best.
  2. Training is important to prepare the body for the physical activity it will experience. Use a training plan or join a local running club.
  3. Don’t wear brand new tennis shoes the day of a race to avoid blisters, sore feet, and ankle sprains.
  4. Running and walking different routes during training can help build stamina, as opposed to following the same route every day. In the weeks before a race, try to mimic the terrain of the actual course to make sure you’re prepared.
  5. Eat breakfast, warm up the muscles, and chill out before the race. Don’t psych yourself out before you hit the course.

Whether you’re hitting the course for a marathon, or enjoying a leisurely walk, use our Spring, Summer, or Fall Running Events pages to find a list of walks and runs in and around Oakland County.

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