Here Comes Eastern Cottontail

Eastern Cottontail Rabbits appear in snow free lawns almost simultaneously with the first crocuses of spring, but they are not found “hopping down the bunny trail,” except perhaps in colorful children’s books with Easter themes. As for egg laying, that’s out of the ability of real rabbits, even though April 1st sometimes brings rabbit related practical jokes and staged photos of rabbits incubating eggs. There is no joking however about the name “cottontail,” for the tail of the rabbit looks like a ball of fluffy white cotton and that’s where this wilder side tale begins, a tale on the lighter side, of the wilder side. Continue reading

Are You my Mother? Leave Wildlife in the Wild



This is the season of newborn fawns curled up in tall grasses, nests of cottontail rabbit babies hidden in freshly tilled soil and red fox kits and coyote pups sunning near their dens. Encounters with baby wildlife are soaring. Baby animals are cute and their vulnerability entices humans to pick them up and sometimes try to make them pets. Continue reading

Wildlife Adventure Stories in the Snow

The Wilder Side of Oakland County

The eastern coyote is seldom seen, but tracks tell the winter tale of its wandering.

The eastern coyote is seldom seen, but tracks tell the winter tale of its wandering.

Winter is the perfect time to search for some of the most elusive creatures of Oakland County, especially nocturnal mammals and those species that struggle to avoid human contact. If you think there isn’t much to discover in the dead of winter in the Oakland County Parks, it’s time to think again. Tracks and trails in the snow are clues akin to those scattered about in a good detective novel. Sometimes the tracks and trails leave one with a shock and awe feeling, perhaps wondering, “What happened here?” Continue reading