Oakland County Water Resources Receives Funding for Stormwater Improvement Project

Earlier this month, the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments (SEMCOG) awarded the Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner’s Office a $95,000 grant for a green infrastructure project at the George W. Kuhn Retention Treatment Basin in Madison Heights. The project focuses on transforming the facility’s existing turf grass into native growth zones and incorporating a large rain garden to collect stormwater runoff.

This project shows how we can work regionally to develop the green infrastructure we need to make our communities more resilient to extreme weather caused by climate change. SEMCOG is working region-wide to fund projects like these, making them an essential part of our stormwater systems.

Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner Jim Nash

The project will convert approximately four acres of turf grass into native growth zones, providing a more resilient landscape with high-density urban land cover. A large rain garden will be constructed next to the parking lot to collect stormwater runoff from the surrounding area. The project will result in numerous environmental benefits and aims to:

  • Improve water quality
  • Help infiltrate water into the ground using native plants
  • Reduce pollutants from entering the system
  • Decrease the carbon footprint of the George W. Kuhn Retention Treatment Basin
  • Provide public education on the impacts of stormwater
  • Increase climate resilience

“This project exemplifies the important steps our office is taking to address stormwater in the George W. Kuhn combined sewer district,” said Chief Engineer Lynne Seymour. “It improves not only site infiltration and water quality but also uses native trees and plants to foster climate resilience in this highly urbanized area.”

The Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner’s Office is dedicated to protecting public health and safety, preserving natural resources and a healthy environment, maintaining reliable, high-quality service, ensuring the value of investment and contributing to economic prosperity. To learn more about the Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner Jim Nash’s Office and his work, follow along with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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