Oakland County Mobile Boat Cleaning Stations Help Prevent Spread of Aquatic Invasive Species

Mobile boat cleaning station at park

Oakland County is home to thousands of lakes and rivers our residents use for boating and paddling, fishing, and hunting. These outdoor activities can unintentionally disperse aquatic invasive species (AIS); non-native plants, animals, and other organisms that can harm our local economy, environment and even our health.

In the summer of 2020, the Oakland County Board of Commissioners established the Clean, Drain, Dry, Dispose (CD3) Pilot Program to raise awareness about the dangers of aquatic invasive species and to educate residents about how to help prevent the spread of these species in Oakland County waters.

The CD3 Pilot Program utilizes mobile boat cleaning stations to empower local water enthusiasts to better protect Oakland County waterways. These stations help users to clean, drain and dry their watercraft, and to dispose of any living organisms (plant or animal) that may be clinging to the crafts. With support from Oakland County Parks and Recreation, the pilot program ran for the final weeks of the 2020 boating season, throughout the 2021 season, and just launched for the 2022 season.

Using the Mobile Boat Cleaning Stations

These stations can be used on any watercraft, are waterless, user-operated and completely self-contained. Three hand tools allow for manual removal of non-native plants and animals, and solar panels power a vacuum and air blower that prevent accidental transport of organisms in water left on boats.

We can all help to prevent aquatic invasive species from spreading between lakes and new invasives from infesting Oakland County’s waters. When using a mobile boat cleaning station, practice the following steps:

Clean: Use the provided hand tools to remove all organic matter from the watercraft and trailer.

Drain: Remove plugs and drain livewells and ballast. Use the provided vacuum to remove any water leftover or on deck.

Dry: Use the provided air compressor to dry all wet parts of watercraft and trailer.

Dispose: Make sure all unused bait or leftover organic material is properly disposed of in trash or compost.

2022 Schedule

The mobile boat cleaning stations will be placed at local boat launches throughout the spring and summer:

Week Station 1 Station 2
May 19-May 25Cass LakeLakeville Lake
May 26-June 1Cass LakeLakeville Lake
June 2-8Cass LakeLake Orion
June 9-15Cass LakeLake Orion
June 16-22Cass LakeLake Oakland
June 23-29Cass LakeLake Oakland
June 30-July 6Cass LakeSquaw Lake
July 7-13Cass LakeWolverine Lake
July 14-20Cass LakeTBD
July 21-27Cass LakeOrchard Lake
July 28-August 3Cass LakeOrchard Lake
August 4-10Cass LakeMaceday Lake
August 11-17Cass LakePontiac Lake
August 18-24Cass LakePontiac Lake
August 25-31Cass LakeMiddle Straits Lake
September 1-7Cass LakeKent Lake
September 8-14Cass LakeKent Lake
September 15-21Cass LakeCrooked Lake
September 22-28Cass LakeLake Sixteen

Environmental Sustainability

Oakland County seeks to protect the environment, reduce carbon pollution, keep our water and lakes safe, and conserve natural resources as part of our Environmental Sustainability goal in Oakland County’s five-year road map.

Visit the Oakland County Parks and Recreation Natural Resources Management webpage and the Oakland County Board of Commissioners Environmental Initiatives webpage to learn more about the work that is being done to protect our environment and natural resources.

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