Become a Master Gardener in Oakland County

Whether you’re a gardening pro or have newly grown a green thumb, this program is for anyone who is eager to participate and share gardening best practices!

Michigan State University (MSU) Extension is accepting applicants until August 11th to participate in the training classes for the Extension Master Gardener Program Waterford (Oakland County) that runs from August 17th to December 7th. Join a community of over 560 Oakland County volunteers all while expanding your knowledge in ways to care for your lawn, trees, flowers, and more!

Participants in the Master Gardener Program attend classes learning basic horticultural principles and environmentally-sound gardening practices.

To become a certified Extension Master Gardener, applicants must attend a 14-week training program to learn basic horticulture principles and environmentally sound practices. Volunteers complete at least 40 hours of education-focused community-based service within one year of completing the training program. The Extension Volunteer Selection Process application and Extension Master Gardener Course registration totals to $325. Partial scholarships are available. Visit their website for more information on joining.

Upon your completion of training, volunteers educate others in their local community on the science-based, environmentally sound gardening. Examples of volunteer projects and service may include:

  • Working with students to design an elementary school garden.
  • Creating a hands-on horticulture therapy program at a senior center.
  • Helping/educating a neighborhood association create an urban garden.
  • Assisting with the MSU Extension State Lawn and Garden Hotline.
  • Caring for educational display gardens at senior centers, parks and other public sites.
  • Teaching classes on how to garden.
  • Providing technical assistance to community members establishing vegetable gardens to meet local nutritional needs.
  • Mentoring teachers in outdoor and indoor classrooms using gardening curricula.
  • Sharing messages on environmentally-friendly gardening practices at community events.
  • Educating community members or groups on how to beautify and enrich community sites for special events or community activities that attract local residents and tourists.

If you have ever contemplated becoming a volunteer in the Extension Master Gardener program, now is your chance! Registration is now open to complete the 14-week training program for the MSU Extension Master Gardener Program for Oakland County. Training is taking place on Saturdays from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. from August 17th to December 7th at the Oakland County L. Brooks Patterson Executive Office Building Conference Center in Waterford. Registration closes on August 11th at 11:59 p.m. Partial scholarships are available. For more information on the Extension Master Gardener program, visit the Waterford application and registration page.

Originating in 1972 at Washington State University, the Extension Master Gardener Program is now offered across the nation as well a in nine Canadian provinces and South Korea.  Michigan State University Extension offered its first Master Gardener Program in 1978. Since then, over 31,000 residents from 80 Michigan counties have been involved in the MSU Extension Master Gardener Program. In 2018, 3,507 Extension Master Gardener volunteers provided over 157,430 volunteer hours and reported an additional 616,306 contacts with Michigan citizens.

Check out the MSU Extension-Oakland County website, and connect with them on Facebook and Twitter

Check out the MSU Extension-Oakland County website, and connect with them on Facebook and Twitter, for more information on programs and events. They can also be reached on their Garden Hotline at 1-888-678-3464 or upload a question to Ask an Expert for all your gardening questions.

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