Oakland Schools Technical Campus Gives Students Competitive Edge

Oakland Schools Technical Campus (OSTC) is helping Oakland County high school students unlock their potential in a wide variety of skilled trades. From the culinary arts to cybersecurity, students receive hands-on experience guided by industry professionals.

See how technical training transforms the lives of students and narrows Southeast Michigan’s skill gap:

Oakland Schools operates four technical campuses across Oakland County:

Far from the vocational training of decades past, OSTC offers dynamic curriculums that prepare students for careers in 21st century fields.

After graduation, students enjoy many avenues to success.

“Our vision is to prepare students for secondary options. Now those options could be the world of work, or community college, or a four-year university. You name it and we prepare kids,” said Dr. Wanda Cook-Robinson, Superintendent of Oakland Schools.

In an evolving economy, the specialized training offered in these technical programs is more important than ever before. Graduates of OSTC fill crucial vacancies and help Michigan businesses thrive.

“As a nation, we’re seeing the pendulum swing from ‘college for all,’ back to ‘career-ready for all,’ and career and technical education here in Oakland County is allowing students to meet those [needs],” said Paul Galbenski, Dean of Oakland Schools Northeast Technical Campus.

How does it work?

Juniors and seniors in high school spend a half-day at their home district and then the other half on one of the technical campuses. This arrangement allows students to enjoy the full offerings of their home school’s curriculum along with the specialized training from their technical campus.

When Zilphia Martin IV was in high school, she divided her time between Advanced Placement classes in Berkley and hands-on courses in computer science at the Southeast Campus in Royal Oak. Now working as a cybersecurity analyst in Southfield, Martin sees the difference her technical education offered.

“Here at the technical campus, we were actually able to physically touch servers and interact with the network,” Martin said. “I felt that, coupled with the individual attention we received, made a great experience for the students.”

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