Celebrate America’s First Principles During Patriot Week

Honor and celebrate America’s founding principles during Patriot Week. Started by Circuit Court Judge Michael Warren and his daughter in 2009, Patriot Week is a time to reflect upon the ideals, documents, and historical figures who represent the best of the United States. Patriot Week is bookended by two key dates. The week begins on September 11th, honoring the nearly 3,000 Americans who lost their lives in 2001, and ends on September 17th: Constitution Day.

Special events, ranging from solemn remembrances and intellectual discussions, to joyous festivities, will take place throughout the week. Patriot Week events culminate on September 16th with the 8th Annual Patriot Festival held at Bower’s Farm in Bloomfield Hills.  The free Festival will feature wagon rides, animals, and music. Food will also be available for purchase.

How Can I Celebrate?

In addition to attending a variety of special events, residents are encouraged to take time to reflect upon the history and value of the First Principles and the Americans who embody them. Each day of Patriot Week commemorates a First Principle, the Founding Fathers and other Americans who brought the First Principle to life, the documents and speeches that reflect the First Principle, and the flags that embody that First Principle. For the complete list of First Principles, Founding Fathers, Documents, and more, check out the full schedule.

Patriot Week Events

Below is a selection of the many Patriot Week events taking place in Oakland County. For a complete list of events and festivities, visit PatriotWeek.org.

September 11th

8 a.m. | Political Leader Forum & 9/11 Commemoration
9 a.m. | 3rd Annual Warriors Trust Fund Golf Benefit
7 p.m. | Michigan Fallen Heroes Memorial Ceremony
7:30 p.m. | Orion Veterans Memorial Patriot Day Ceremony

September 13th

7 p.m. | Remembering 9/11 & How it Changed America
7 p.m. | American Foundations Seminar – Overview

September 14th

6 p.m. | The Charles J. Cohen JEWdicial Series

September 15th

9 a.m. | Constitution Day Event at the Oakland County Circuit Court
12 p.m. | Forfeiture: Prosecution for Profit or Funding?

September 16th

12 p.m. | 8th Annual Patriot Festival

For more about Patriot Week, visit PatriotWeek.org, or join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

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