Renaissance Festival

Witches and celebration at the Renaissance Festival

Photo by: Mark Moore of PIC Studios

Here ye, here ye! One of Oakland Countys most unique annual festivals, the Michigan Renaissance Festival, is back for another year of celebration and festivity in Holly, Michigan! Running weekends from August 22nd – October 4th, this event draws crowds from across the state, Canada and surrounding areas .

16th century garb, shops, taverns, and even a castle, keep attendees entertained with themes, events and games. There is jousting, people powered rides, and plenty of food to go around! In its 37th year, the fair regularly attracts more than 250,000 visitors to The Village of Holly Grove. Queen Elizabeth even comes down from her castle to join her loyal subjects for rebel rousing and celebration from time to time.

Dress to impress and be aware that other patrons may not know what you are looking for when you ask for a telephone, as they were not available during that century! Brush up on your Olde English, starch your petticoats, and head on down to the Renaissance Festival for a weekend of fun and entertainment.

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