The DIA Inside|Out Masterpieces are on Display!


Animals in a Landscape, Franz Marc on display at Fisk Farm in White Lake

You still have time to get outside and enjoy the art pieces from the Detroit Institute of Arts Inside|Out program. High-quality reproductions of masterpieces from the DIA’s collection are brought to several communities and about 7-12 images are displayed within walking or bike-riding distance in each. The program is now in its sixth year in the Metro-Detroit area and has already installed more than 800 reproductions in over 100 communities. In April of this year, more than 80 reproductions were installed in 10 communities. They will be on display until July 19. A new group of masterpieces will be on display from August through October.

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The communities or venues that are currently displaying DIA Inside|Out pieces are:


For more information about the DIA’s Inside|Out and other programs, please visit and follow along with them on Facebook and Twitter.

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