Mental Health First Aid Training

More likely than not, your workplace is prepared for a physical crisis – smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, AED devices – but is it prepared for a mental health crisis?

Businesses and organizations in Oakland, Macomb, and Wayne Counties can receive FREE mental health first aid training from Training and Treatment Innovations, a private, not-for-profit agency that has been providing specialty mental health services and training in Michigan since 1987. Through a generous grant from the Michigan Department of Community Health, individuals, businesses, and organizations can receive comprehensive, hands-on training from professionals.

The vision of Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is for lay-people (people who are not mental health professionals) to learn how to respond to a crisis.

The offered MHFA training is an 8-hour training that can be taught in one day or over two 4-hour days, either at TTI’s offices, or your own. MHFA comes in two versions. The first is a general MHFA training, which is designed for anyone in the community. The second, Youth Mental Health First Aid (YMHFA), is specifically designed for adults who work with children and teenagers. This can include youth ministers, teachers, coaches, scout leaders, etc.

If you are interested in having mental health first aid training at your workplace, contact TTI’s Training Department at (248) 524-8801. For additional information about training or to view their training calendar, click HERE.Print

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