Mental Health First Aid Training

You know what to do when a person has a physical health crisis– you call 911, you administer CPR, you know where to get help. But what about a mental health crisis?

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) training is available for individuals, organizations, and businesses in Oakland, Macomb, and Wayne Counties through a grant from the Michigan Department of Community Health. This training is FREE, and is offered in one day sessions (8 hours), or two half day sessions (4 hours each). Participants in the training earn a national certificate as a Mental Health First Aider that is valid for 3 years.

MHFA comes in two versions: general MHFA (designed for anyone in the community), and Youth Mental Health First Aid (YMHFA), designed for adults who work with children and teenagers – such as teachers, coaches, club leaders, etc.  Training dates and times are as follows:

May 29th (Thursday) – 8:30am – 5pm – YMHFA
June 11th (Wednesday) – 8:30am – 5pm – MHFA
June 24th (Tuesday) & June 26th (Thursday) – 9am – 1pm – YMHFA
July 16th (Wednesday) – 8:30am – 5pm – YMHFA
July 22nd (Tuesday) & July 24th (Thursday) – 9am – 1pm – MHFA
August 6th (Wednesday) – 8:30am – 5pm – MHFA
August 20th (Wednesday) – 8:30am – 5pm – YMHFA
September 4th (Thursday) – 8:30am – 5pm – MHFA
September 18th (Thursday) – 8:30am – 5pm – YMHFA

Again, these trainings are offered at NO COST. You can help save a life by being prepared for a mental health crisis. If you are interested in register for a class, or would like to set up a training for a group, please visit the Training and Treatment Innovations (TTI) website HERE or call (248) 524-8801.Print


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