SEVERE WEATHER SEASON: What’s your plan?



There is nothing subtle about nature’s way when the sky turns an ominous shade of pea soup green and severe weather rolls across the Great Plains and Midwest with a powerful punch. And when storm-spawned straight- line winds rip into the landscape sending trees and power lines crashing to earth and tornado sirens start to scream all of Oakland County becomes the “Wilder side of Oakland County.”


In the aftermath of a severe weather outbreak cameras roll on trails of destruction and news crews seek out interviews with good catch lines. One comment frequently heard is much like this: “We prayed we would be safe when the sky turned pitch black.” There is nothing wrong in praying for safety but when international acclaimed historic churches have roof top religious icons with lightning rods attached the message is clear: Storm safety is a matter of situational awareness, personal responsibility and personal preparedness. There is no better time than now to check the batteries in your storm alert NOAA Weather Radio and think through what you will do when Mother Nature sends strong storms and tornadic weather conditions our way. If your storm preparation or storm aftermath plan is to simply dial 911:



Text and photos by Jonathan Schechter, Oakland County Parks Nature Education Writer.

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