Oakland County Careers

Your career at Oakland County can begin in any number of places… and take you practically anywhere you want to go. We also offer a comprehensive benefits package.

Interested yet? Head over to Careers Page and explore all the different opportunities currently being offered throughout Oakland County. Keep in mind that new jobs are posted each Monday, so if you don’t see what you’re looking for today check back next week.


Use the ‘Search’ feature to filter through available positions.

It is very important to read each job description carefully before you apply because the requirements vary from job to job. Once you have identified a position you are interested in and qualified for, take the next step by applying online with the Oakland County Human Resources Department.  When filling out your application materials, please be as complete as possible. Before submitting your application, make sure all required information is provided. An incomplete application will be rejected.


Begin your career search with Oakland County, Michigan now!










Oakland County finds the most qualified person for each available job through a competitive examination process. Because we try to make the system impartial to all applicants, our hiring process is highly structured. Please don’t be discouraged if you don’t hear back immediately.

You can also call our Job Hotline at 248-858-0530 for more information.

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