Copyright Workshop Opportunity

“Unauthorized use of software, oversharing subscription-based content and posting images and text on your website without permission are just a few examples of potential copyright violations. Learn about how to keep your organization copyright compliant, the limitations of fair use and what to do if your creative content is being used without your permission.”


Keep yourself and your company up to speed with copyright laws in the digital age. Courtesy of Automation Alley and Ossian Law P.C., there will be a Copyright Compliance workshop held at the Ossian Law offices in Ferndale. The event will cost $25 to the public, but does include breakfast as well.

Date: 2/11/14

Time: 8:00-9:30 AM

Location: 701 Woodward Heights, St. 117, Ferndale, MI

For questions or more information contact Kathy Ossian via or (313) 575-7234

Register for this event before space runs out!

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