Celebrate Pride in Oakland County

Pride Month is dedicated to uplifting LGBTQ+ voices, celebrating LGBTQ+ culture, and supporting LGBTQ+ rights.

Oakland County’s vision is to be a healthy, safe, and thriving place where everyone is valued, quality of life is high and economic opportunity abounds. We’re committed to diversity, equity and inclusion, not only for the LGBTQ+ community, but all the county’s diverse populations.

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Season of the Snapping Turtle

Snapping Turtles are on the move, and sometimes those movements take these lumbering giants across yards and roads, especially when on their egg-laying missions. This is that time! I know that for a fact since I had the pleasure of assisting a roadside snapping turtle just last week. Another car stopped as well when they noticed me kneeling next to the turtle. I needed close-up photos thus the roadside kneeling. A gentleman and his young son got out to watch and warned me it might bite. I acknowledged that and showed them the proper way to move the turtle when they asked if I was going to carry it by its tail. Carrying by the tail would most likely seriously injure the turtle.

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Oakland County’s 2023 #OaklandTogether40 Under 40 Award Reception

Some of the best and brightest young professionals who live or work in Oakland County came together last week to receive their Oakland Together 40 Under 40 Program awards. These individuals exemplify Oakland County Executive Dave Coulter’s vision for a community working together to leverage its strengths, address its challenges, and find value in working with regional partners.

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