Hiking the Boonies


Hiking with Boy Scouts is never a quiet event. It just does not work out that way. And if the hike is an off trail adventure in “the boonies” of a snow-covered hardwood swamp, with each footstep crunching in snow or crackling over partially frozen puddles, you can be assured every deer and coyote will flee at the not so stealthy approach. Extremely fresh tracks in the snow confirmed my assumptions that our intrusion was quickly detected. But before I share this tale of an adventure like none other I have been on in my three decades in our county, I will mention Sammy, the six year old that hiked with us. He was quiet most of the time and very proudly crossed tiny creeks with a bit of parental help and was attentive to the surrounding landscape. His moment of pure joy was climbing up onto the seat of a rusted bulldozer that held half century old secrets about a peat harvesting operation in Oakland County.

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David Coulter Delivers his Oakland Together plan at the 2020 State of the County Address

Oakland County Executive David Coulter set a collaborative tone and ambitious agenda to expand health care for county residents, ensure adults complete needed education and job certifications, move a county division and its staff to downtown Pontiac, and triple defense investment in the county by 2025.

Coulter outlined his “Oakland Together” plan Wednesday evening before a full house at the Flagstar Strand Theatre for the Performing Arts in downtown Pontiac.

“I believe the fact that Oakland does well means we have an opportunity – indeed a responsibility – to do better,” Coulter said. “We can leverage our strengths to tackle our challenges before they become problems. We can lead and innovate. We can be fiscally responsible with taxpayer money and forward thinking. To do that, we must be Oakland Together. Together as public servants working for the public good, together with our residents and businesses, and together with our region.”

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A Winter Walk at Hawk Woods


I almost did not attend. A gloomy overcast sky had painted the world in dreary shades of gray. The weather forecast suggested a cold drizzle of rain, not my favorite conditions for hiking or photography. I had all but decided it would be a miserable day for the hike being offered by the Hawk Woods Nature Center to explore “seasonal changes” and look for signs of wildlife. However I had promised my old friend Mike Mansour, the long-term naturalist at Hawk Woods that I would be there. And so I went.

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Black History Month Events in Oakland County

Young African American boy studying in school library

February is Black History Month! 2020 marks a significant year for Black History Month, as it has been 150 years since the adoption of the Fifteenth Amendment recognizing African-American men’s right to vote, and 100 years since the Nineteenth Amendment granting women’s suffrage.

For anyone who wants to learn more about African American history and culture, or gain awareness of the past, check out our list of events being held including musical and dance performances, interactive workshops, and more throughout the month of February in and around Oakland County.

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