Fetchin’ Fun, Pawesome Play at the Oakland County Waterparks

It wasn’t just another day at the park.

Oakland County Waterparks are officially closed for the summer. The closed sign prominent at the front gate, but last weekend families and their dogs were invited in for a little fetch and a lot of fun.

Tennis balls littered the pool as dozens of dogs dove in from all sides, using their best doggy-paddle to reach the closest one.

Oakland County Parks and Recreation‘s Waterford Oaks Waterpark and Red Oaks Waterpark hosted the 11th annual dog swim on September 10th and 11th; and it was clear, all dogs were in heaven dipping and diving into the blue water of the park’s wave pool.

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Pitch a Tent, Light the Bonfire

Campfire stories and family memories are made at campgrounds across Oakland County. Families come in droves looking to disconnect from the rest of the world and reconnect with each other – creating lasting memories often talked about around the dinner table for many years.

From Ortonville State Recreation Area down to Haas Lake Park RV Campground, Oakland County has its fair share of campgrounds and recreation areas for residents to create those memorable moments.

To find a campground or campsite near you use our interactive map or view a complete list of locations here.

camp screen2

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Slide, dip or dive at Oakland County’s Waterparks

The light chatter of children’s laughter can be heard over the whooshing of waterfalls and running water.

Slipping and sliding, playing and floating, Oakland County Parks and Recreation’s Waterparks will be a hit with the family every time.

Choose between Red Oaks Waterpark, located in Madison Heights and Waterford Oaks Waterpark, located in Waterford Township. Both contain similar attractions.

Features found at Red Oaks allow guests to ride the waves in the wave-action pool, head down a triple turn waterslide and get literally soaked in the soak station.

Similar to Red Oaks, Waterford Oaks also offers a wave pool adorned with palm trees near the shore. Waterford Oaks also features a tipping bucket in their ‘Big Bucket’ playground, complete with waterfalls and sprays.


Both waterparks take rafting to a new level. Relax and float down the ‘River Ride’, a 990-foot long moving lazy river at Red Oaks, or hit the ‘Ragin’ Rapids’ at Waterford Oaks, a group raft ride that begins three stories high.

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Make a Splash – Swim Oakland County

It’s been hot and humid, true to most Michigan summers. The weather is beautiful, but everyone needs a way to beat the heat. Summer temperatures have peaked in the 90s, leaving Oakland County residents looking for places to cool off.

Slip down slides, splish-splash at a splash pad, take a dip at one of Oakland County’s many beaches or dive in at your local community pool. There are an abundance of community swimming spots to get relief from the heat – while enjoying quality time with the family.

Find an Oakland County waterpark, pool, splash pad or beach near you using our interactive map or full list of publicly accessible swimming spots in and around the county that residents can enjoy.


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Northern Water Snakes and You



Summer is here and we love to be near water…and so do northern water snakes.

Contrary to myth and urban legend, the northern water snake is not a cottonmouth (Agkistrodon piscivorus), the only venomous water snake in the United States. The cottonmouth, sometimes called a water moccasin, is found in the Southeast, ranging from southern Virginia to Florida and west to East Texas. The only venomous snake in Oakland County is the eastern massasauga rattlesnake, and the behavior of the northern water snake and eastern massasauga rattlesnake have little in common. Our native rattler tends to be reclusive and is seldom seen. The northern water snake is often seen, and almost always at the water’s edge. Continue reading