What Nature is Saying!

A Great Egret perched on a thin, leafless tree in a wetland


I am a nemophilist. That’s someone who is fond of forests; a haunter of the woods. I celebrate woodlands in all seasons, but especially look forward to the spectacular forest colors of autumn, frosted pumpkins, and adventuresome hikes as nature’s last hurrah before winter arrives. Today, however, as the end of August draws near, I’m sharing nature’s subtle signals that summer is slowly fading. Increased sightings of Great Egrets, dazzling beauties of our healthy wooded wetlands, are one of nature’s first signs that summer is fading.

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Secrets of the Late-Blooming Jeweled Beauty

Wilder Side of Oakland County

Spotted Jewelweed in bloom.

Some of the most amazing wildland plants of Oakland County go unnoticed along trails and pathways as we hurry about in the frenzy of late summer activity. One of these plants is a late-blooming beauty, a three to four foot tall delicate native wildflower of moist soils, sun-dappled stream banks, and wetland edges. This one holds an explosive secret! This is the story of the Spotted Jewelweed (Impatiens Capensis), a wildflower with a much loved, yet misleading,  nickname “Touch-me-not.”

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