Country Squirrel – City Squirrel: Masters of Adaptation



Squirrel behavior is directly related to our behavior, and that is the key to understanding the antics and behavior of squirrel species that inhabit the woodlands, towns and cities of Oakland County. Here’s a late October primer on three species that do well in our midst. But first, a secret exposed: tree squirrels have ankle joints that allow their feet to rotate 180 degrees. This feature gives them the ability to climb headfirst down window screens and perform masterful leaps to and from branches and bird feeders.

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Red Squirrels: Cache Masters of the Trees

Wilder Side of Oakland County

A red squirrel is on the offense to protect its nut cache.

There is nothing shy about the Eastern Red Squirrel (Tamiasciurus hudsonicus), the smallest of our native tree squirrels. Now as summer fades, it’s full speed ahead for this rusty-red fur, white belly, endless energy, tail-flicking creature of the trees! Armed with an attitude of conspicuous confidence and extremely loud chatter, these colorful characters do not hesitate to charge at invading gray squirrels twice their size saying, “My tree! My nuts! Back off!”

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