Summer Solstice Solitude & Wildlife Adventure

A red fox stands in tall grass


Summer is the season nature’s way may appear to slow, but that only holds true for those that do not venture out onto our trails or into our parks and wildlands. Walk alone in solitude in the dawn’s early light and the landscape will come alive with hidden secrets, or hike with your nature-embracing companion, and pleasures will increase through the art of sharing. Walk slowly, stop often, look, and listen, and a new world of nature will spring to life. I thought about and now share, some of my favorite creatures that thrive on the wilder side of Oakland County as the dawn of the summer solstice draws near.

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Meet the Wary and Watchful Red Fox


Winter’s approaching and with the changing season, a seldom seen predator with luxurious fur, a large bushy tail and a reputation for “craftiness” accelerates its stalking of fallow farm fields, meadows, parks and yards in its endless hunt for mice and meadow voles. Easily recognizable by the stunning contrast of its rusty-red coat against snowy meadow backdrops, the red fox is well adapted to life in Oakland County. Over the years I’ve captured a few photos of red fox in the wild, as well as images on my trail cameras, but none are even remotely as stunning as the image above. It was shared with me by Ann Brokelman of the Coyote Watch Canada Outreach Team who photographed this beauty at Algonquin Provincial Park in the wilds of Ontario. Continue reading

NIGHT MOVES: Wildlife Selfies on Hidden Camera


When many of us think about nature and wildlife, our thoughts drift to faraway places. However, Oakland County remains surprisingly rich with wildlife. Even with increased urbanization and a loss of biodiversity accelerated by human actions, wild animals are abundant in parks, trails, greenways, and even have the freedom to wander our cities, villages, and townships. One might say their wild spirit leads them, but in reality, it is their endless search for prey.MOULTRIE DIGITAL GAME CAMERA

Despite the fact that we live in the midst of a vast array of wildlife, it’s not easy to get a true glimpse into their daily lives. By using hidden cameras, we can observe wildlife in their natural habitat and view a true representation of their day and nighttime behaviors. Three species are standouts when it comes to being captured by motion-activated camera traps: the red fox, the white-tailed deer and the eastern coyote. Their stealthy night moves, caught on camera, give us a glimpse as they are, not as our minds imagine them. Continue reading