Spring Running Season is on its Way!

With so many things to love about spring, runners and walkers can all agree that it’s a wonderful time to get back outside. Fresh air, added sunlight, and the beauty of spring blooms all make a positive impact on our moods.

Take a look at our list of Spring Running Events and sign up for a race today! You’ll find events for every ability, including full marathons, mile walks, fun runs, and more. Setting a goal now can be a great motivation as you begin the season. If you need help getting started, check out the Brooksie Way Training program which kicks off on March 22nd and is suited for all levels of ability.

Are you ready to set out for a walk, jog, or long distance run? Spring temperatures can fluctuate quickly and don’t forget about precipitation. Be sure to follow these simple tips for safe running.

  • Check the weather before you head out
  • Warm up – especially when temps are cooler
  • Invest in proper footwear
  • Run during daylight hours when possible
  • Use a running light, like an illuminated vest, headlamp, or waist light when dark
  • Dress in layers

We’re so happy that a new season is around the corner and can’t wait to hit the ground running this spring in Oakland County!

Your Race, Your Run – Summer Running in Oakland County

The pop of the gun sends hundreds or even thousands of runners and walkers of all ages into the street. As foot meets pavement, racers journey toward the finish line.

While participants compete for health and sport, most also compete to draw awareness and support to a wide range of charitable causes. Often, the proceeds generated by running events are donated to specific charities, providing participants with a great reason to support their loved ones and run in Oakland County.

Avid and amateur runners to summer walkers are invited to put their feet to the pavement and run (or walk) any number of the races scheduled during the summer months. Use our Summer Running List to find a race near you!

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Are You Ready to Run?

Runners at the Starting Line
Every day, morning, noon and night I see people of all ages walking, jogging or running all around my Oakland County neighborhood. Many are out there no matter what: summer heat, spring showers or winters cold. People run for many different reasons; from improving fitness or losing weight, to killing time or relieving stress. And for some, they find that it’s just fun to do.

No matter what the reason, it takes goals and training to be successful. As Michael Jordan said, “You have to expect things of yourself before you can do them.” And I believe that is what it takes to run.

Here’s a list of the running events in and around Oakland County over the next few months. There are races & fun runs for every ability, from full marathons down to a family one-mile walk. You never know what you can do until you try.

Where will you be?

Here is a partial list of races in the area in 2015