World Water Day

Did you know that Oakland County is the starting point of five different watersheds? Thanks to the glaciers that retreated from the area some 11,000 years ago, they left behind hills and valleys. The glaciers also carved out holes that became the thousands of lakes and five major rivers that start in the heart of Oakland County—the Clinton, Flint, Huron, Rouge and Shiawassee Rivers! What’s even cooler is our great state of Michigan is surrounded by four of the five Great Lakes and all five supply water. We live and work in a special place in Oakland County. 

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Oakland County Spreads Awareness Around Stormwater

Mandy Chu wins the Preserve MI Waters: Stormwater Manhole Cover Art Contest

Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner Jim Nash awarded Troy Athens High School senior Mandy Chu with the first-place prize for the Preserve MI Waters: Stormwater Manhole Cover Art Contest.

Mandy received the award, which included a $1,000 scholarship and a small model of her art, at the Oakland County Board of Commissioners meeting on April 14. Her design was selected from 74 entries, and will be cast onto 50 storm drain manhole covers, which will start appearing across Oakland County this summer.

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