Paddles on the Shiawassee: A River Trail in Oakland County



Oakland County has an abundance of distinct landforms and exceptional natural features created by retreating glaciers. One of these features is a trail, with partially submerged logs, low-hanging branches, a beaver dam, Great Blue Herons, Great Egrets, muskrats, deer and sunning turtles. A trail best explored armed with a spirit of adventure and a paddle. Cascades of colorful leaves, small rapids, and a pulse-raising five second journey through a culvert under an active railway all add to this Pure Michigan style adventure. Paddlers need not travel far for this adventure. It’s right here on the Wilder Side of Oakland County as it meanders gently between the towns of Holly and Fenton. Continue reading

The Chill of Fall & Cider Mill Frills for All

Temps are chilly, and the flavors of fall are crisp. It’s the season that brings friends and families together on breezy days and cooler nights.

Colorful trees make the perfect backdrop for a trip to a local cider mill. Regardless of what strikes your fall fancy, Oakland County is home to several cider mills that produce locally grown apples.

Other fall goodies like fresh apple cider, donuts, pumpkin pie and even ice cream can be purchased and enjoyed. Visit a cider mill in and around Oakland County for the best fall treats. Check out our full list of locations or use our interactive map for Oakland County cider mills.


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Protecting the Saginaw Bay Watershed & the Headwaters of the Shiawassee River


The Shiawassee River Heritage Water Trail presents a seven mile, nature-embracing, Oakland County stretch that takes paddlers from Holly to Fenton through woodlands, meadows, and farmlands.  Nearby, Great Blue Heron’s stalk their prey, around sunning turtles and over very small rapids. Paddlers also have the pulse-raising excitement of slipping over a small beaver dam, passing through large culverts that go under an active railway, and perhaps spying a passing Bald Eagle. Continue reading