Wild Weeds and a Pontiac Urban Garden

A man and woman walk through plots in a community garden. The sky above is blue with puffy clouds.


John Muir once said, “In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.” His words often come to mind on my meandering adventures in our wildlands, however I did not expect them to spring to life most delightfully in highly urbanized Pontiac. But they did in the early evening of August 22nd. It all started after reading about an upcoming event in Pontiac with a catchy title that perked my interest: Herb Walk: What’s that weed?

I was not sure what to expect so I dug a bit deeper and found more information on the Facebook site of Growing Pontiac that included this, “Have you ever wondered what that pesky weed was in your yard? Why does it keep coming back even after you pull the root out? Join us in the field at the old Webster Elementary School for a wild plant walk where you’ll be introduced to the plants and herbs that are growing all around you. You will learn to identify our local plants and hear how they can be used in everyday life!” Continue reading

DAYLILIES: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Delicacy



Daylilies are highly versatile, easy to identify, tasty treats. They thrive not just on the ‘wilder side’ of Oakland County but in urban fields and along rural roadsides. It would be difficult to go for a drive or hike in Oakland County without encountering the common daylily: a not-so-wild wildflower that in these early days of July adds brilliant splashes of orange contrast to a summery landscape that’s rich with shades of green. Continue reading