Inside|Out–The DIA on the Road

For the last four years the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA) has taken art to the public and the streets of metro Detroit (including communities in Oakland County) and other places across the state. Over the past 4 years, hundreds of reproductions have been placed in Michigan communities. Last fall, Pleasant Ridge, Berkley and Huntington Woods had works of art in parks, and outside of businesses & government buildings.

For the first part of the Summer of 2014, Pontiac, Southfield and Auburn Hills are the Oakland County communities that have the high-quality masterpiece reproductions  from the DIA’s collection “in the wild”. The waterproof reproductions are color matched photographs that are sized to the original work and framed with a frame that may not be a perfect match to the original, but will match the styles of the time period.

The “masterpieces” will be on display at these Oakland County locations until the end of July, when a new set of communities will have “Art” pop up on street corners and in parks. Most of the art works in a community is within walking distance of each other.

Visit the DIA on Facebook for their latest news or go to the DIA website for information on all the exhibits and events taking place at the museum.

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