Trail Safety On The Dawn Of Winter



Winter hiking, snowshoeing and cross country skiing on the Wilder Side of Oakland County might best be described with just two words: Pure Pleasure. Tracks in fresh snow present an enticing storybook of wildlife activity. Cooper’s Hawks zip through woodlands. Turkeys share trails we trek, and the musical whispers of winter are enlivened by Black-capped Chickadees and White-breasted Nuthatches. A fleeting view of a mink by a frozen marsh, an eastern coyote or red fox slipping silently through the woodlands falls into the realm of possibility for those that walk slowly, stop often, lean motionlessly against a tree and then just look and listen. Continue reading

Dehydration: A Clear and Present Danger


IMG_3003Heat related illnesses are a clear and present danger for hikers, outdoor adventurers, concert goers, laborers, runners, and even seniors. Heat illness is a continuum, and if ignored, it can rapidly progress to life-threatening situations.

Many heat related trips to the hospital result from a lack of situational awareness coupled with a lack of understanding of dehydration.

The sultry heat of summer is upon us. Here’s what you may want to know to stay safe while enjoying the parks, trails, waterways and beaches in and around Oakland County.

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