The Importance of Keeping Data Private 

County Chief Information Security Officer, T.J. Fields is urging us all to take more control of our information in credit reporting accounts in the wake of a security breach at Experian, one of the three major credit reporting bureaus.

The bad news is that for an undetermined period of time ending in December of 2022, identity thieves had the ability to bypass Experian security to view consumer’s credit reports, having only an individual’s address, birthday, name, and social security number. Some of this personal information may have been contained in an unrelated 2017 Equifax breach, which contained this information on more than 45 million adults. The good news is that the flaw in the Experian website that allowed the breach has been corrected and is no longer active. The breach provides a good reminder of the importance of keeping private data private, and the impact in the event of a privacy breach. Here are two recommendations to help protect yourself from data breaches:  activating “freezes” on your credit reports and pulling your credit reports on a regular, periodic basis.

Learn more about taking control of your credit and digital identity from T.J. Fields below.

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Deciding Where to Live with Open Data


Tammi Shepherd, Chief, Application Services at Oakland County Information Technology, shares how she used the Access Oakland Open Data Portal to help narrow down choices for buying a home. Check out her story and see how you can make Oakland County’s Open Data Portal work for you.

Tammi Shepherd
Chief, Application Services at Oakland County Information Technology:

This year my family began kicking around the idea of buying our next house. We love our current house, but like many families with young children, our living room is looking more like a daycare playroom every day, and the toys are only getting bigger. Finding a house is a challenge unto itself, but we also had to decide which community and neighborhood we want to live in. Continue reading