It’s National Frog Month!


April is National Frog Month; it’s well underway and things are hopping. Frogs do some mighty strange things, at least in the eyes of humans. Knowing facts about the lives and abilities of frogs will enhance your frog month celebration. That’s what this special blog post is all about. Then it’s time to trek off to a vernal pond in the woodlands, or perhaps lean against a tree at the edge of wildland marsh with a favorite frog-loving friend to enjoy a fantastic frog symphony in the dawn’s early light, or twilight. This link from a 2014 National Wildlife Federation blog in celebration of National Frog Month, has fun frog activities for young children. I won’t tell anyone if you read that link in order to glean more information for yourself about the long-leaping, bug-eating, swamp-singing amphibians that inhabit Oakland County.

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