Enjoy Labor Day with These Weekend Festivities

Summer may be winding to a close and school may be returning, but Labor Day festivities are ramping up! This weekend, people throughout Oakland County will enjoy a welcome break to celebrate America’s workforce and the American Labor Movement.

Whether you celebrate with a backyard barbecue, or the annual Paint Creek Bridge Walk and Run, Oakland County is full of Labor Day activities. Be sure to check out our list for the full roster of Labor Day Weekend events.

For those seeking fresh air, a visit to an Oakland County Campground or participation in the Milford Labor Day 30K are guaranteed to excite. Are you artistically inclined? Art festivals like Royal Oak’s Ford Arts, Beats & Eats Festival may be for you. If knights and castles are your thing, make sure to stop by the Michigan Renaissance Festival, which will be open in Holly throughout Labor Day Weekend. And for those in search of cotton candy, funnel cakes, and amusement park attractions, the Michigan State Fair in Novi is the place to be.

If these events sound exciting, be sure to check our full list of Labor Day Weekend festivities so that you don’t miss a beat!

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Labor Day Fun for All

It’s not just a day for barbecues and yard games, although events like those are a nice perk of a long Labor Day weekend.

It’s a day to remember and celebrate the social and economic achievements of American workers. We have all made contributions to America in some capacity, and on this day we celebrate those contributions.

Before fall is upon us, and the school year is in full swing, take time to have a little family fun this Labor Day. Find a festival, parade or campground near you using our full list of Labor Day events.


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Last Call for the Eastern Gray Treefrog

Wilder Side of Oakland County

Gray Tree Frog Eyes on Sunflower.

Photo courtesy of Wendy Pellerito, Southeast Michigan Land Conservancy

Hungry snakes, branch-hopping birds, ravenous red squirrels and bigger frogs eat them. Nature-savvy adults smile at them in gardens. Little kids are mesmerized when one of these sticky toe padded predator with beautiful eyes crawls up the exterior of a window on a late summer evening to peer inside.

The Eastern Gray Treefrog (Hyla versicolor) is a very common frog of Southeastern Michigan and is found in all 13 Oakland County Parks. Seeing them, however, is not as easy as hearing their loud trill. They are masters of camouflage with the ability to change color from bright green to shades of gray, and molted patterns of grays and greens. Their cryptic coloration gives them the ability to hide in plain sight and wait for a big bug, juicy beetle, or even a smaller frog to pass within strike-and-slurp range. Continue reading