Bald Mountain State Recreation Area: A Proving Ground For Lungs And Legs



Bald Mountain Recreation Area has some of the steepest hills and most rugged terrain in southeastern Michigan.” The Michigan Department of Natural Resources uses that sentence to describe the 4,637 acre multi-use wildland gem they manage in northeastern Oakland County. Bald Mountain is split into three large parcels, and without question it is a four-season “walk on the wilder side” that attracts avid hikers, mountain bikers, birders, solitude seekers, and before very long, cross-country skiers that don’t mind navigating around glacial boulders deposited during the last ice age. The terrain has rapid elevation changes and can be challenging for hikers who are usually accustomed to level or crushed gravel terrain.

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November Trail Safety: A Matter Of Situational Awareness, Courtesy And Common Sense



Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Wild beasts are not a concern on the trails of Oakland County, but knowing a bit about trail etiquette and practicing situational awareness, spiced with a heavy dose of common sense, is an excellent practice for all trail users. Rule One: Don’t hike alone if it makes you feel uncomfortable. Many parks and nature centers have trails where you will easily find others. You can also seek out a club, like the Michigan Adventurers Club, that organizes numerous hikes in Southeast Michigan. Many are offered right here in Oakland County. Continue reading