2017 NO HAZ Collection Days

Let Oakland County’s NO HAZ Collection team help you safely dispose of household hazardous materials ranging from air fresheners and artist paints to propane cylinders and prescription medicines.

You’d be surprised just how many everyday items are considered hazardous waste. Many of the objects that help us in our daily lives become dangerous when disposed of alongside regular rubbish. Do you have an item you’re unsure about? Check the NO HAZ list of accepted and non-accepted materials or call the NO HAZ Hotline at 248-858-5656.

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2016 NO HAZ Collection Events


Safely dispose of your household hazardous waste at an Oakland County NO HAZ collection event and rid your home of substances that can be harmful to humans and the environment.

2016 NO HAZ Collection Dates:

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NO HAZ Collection Program


Dispose of your household hazardous waste safely at a NO HAZ collection event.

2015 NO HAZ Collection Dates:

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