Shop Small at Oakland County Independent Toy Stores

Beautiful little girl with binoculars inside white wooden box with toy bear exploring surroundings pretending to be on safari

Are you shying away from big chain stores this holiday season? Is supporting local businesses important to you? Oakland County is home to several independent toy shops that offer a variety of specialty toys and events that will fill you and your little ones with childlike wonder. You’ll find all kinds of unique items, like dolls, games, comics, educational toys, and more. The perfect gift may be waiting for you to find it. Be a hero and surprise your little loved ones with something they’ll treasure! Take a look at our interactive map for locations before you go.

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Deciding Where to Live with Open Data


Tammi Shepherd, Chief, Application Services at Oakland County Information Technology, shares how she used the Access Oakland Open Data Portal to help narrow down choices for buying a home. Check out her story and see how you can make Oakland County’s Open Data Portal work for you.

Tammi Shepherd
Chief, Application Services at Oakland County Information Technology:

This year my family began kicking around the idea of buying our next house. We love our current house, but like many families with young children, our living room is looking more like a daycare playroom every day, and the toys are only getting bigger. Finding a house is a challenge unto itself, but we also had to decide which community and neighborhood we want to live in. Continue reading