Astronomy Adventures in Oakland County

Summer is the perfect time for adventures and discovery! In Oakland County, the night sky presents a constant source of wonder and awe. There are many fun ways to delve a little deeper into the world of astronomy because the county is well equipped with observatories, planetariums, and astronomy clubs.

Find the best places in and around Oakland County to view the stars with our interactive star gazing map and grab a telescope to observe the worlds above us. Check out the cavernous craters of the Moon, the massive mountains nestled on Mars, or the rings on Saturn radiating light into the night sky. The possibilities for discovery are endless.

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Visit the Breathtaking Cranbrook House & Gardens

From exquisite gardens to a reflecting pool, and a stunning Japanese Garden, you’ll be enthralled with all that Cranbrook House and Gardens’ 40 acres of formal, woodland, and naturalistic gardens have to offer. The manicured gardens provide the perfect backdrop to the Cranbrook House, a National Historic Landmark and the oldest manor home in Metro-Detroit.

Admission for self-guided tours of the gardens is free from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. daily through October. Paid admission is required for tours of Cranbrook House and special events.

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Shoot for the stars at the Cranbrook Institute of Science

It’s an airy space with a number of chairs placed in a circle.

As the Cranbrook Acheson Planetarium darkens and the large dome-like ceiling gives way to the night sky, guests experience a unique view of the universe. With a 360 degree experience and a 5.1 surround sound system, visitors are visually launched into space for a very real and up close look.


Get an even closer look at the Cranbrook Observatory, where a large dome facility houses three research-grade telescopes, giving you clear views of the brightest stars and planets.

The Cranbrook Institute of Science, located in Bloomfield Hills, gives you a front row seat and the closest view, without venturing into space yourself.

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The Cranbrook House and Gardens – Downton in the US?

CNN recently featured the Cranbrook House and Gardens in a article “U.S. Estates for the Downton Abbey Lover

From the article, “The new American wealthy didn’t have hundreds of years to build their fancy homes and reputations, yet the Vanderbilts, Rockefellers and other wealthy families built houses to last for generations….around the same time as the Downton Abbey story lines”.

The Cranbrook House and Gardens is part of the Cranbrook Educational Community, a 319-acre National Historic Landmark campus. 40 acres of colorful gardens and the oldest remaining manor home in the region, the Cranbrook House and Gardens is an English Arts and Crafts-style house designed by Albert Kahn and built in 1908. It truly is an American Downton Abbey — right in our own backyard.

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