We Love Art – Summer 2015 Art Festivals and Fairs


What is Art?

American painter Georgia O’Keeffe once said, “Filling a space in a beautiful way. That’s what art means to me.”

I like that simple definition. However, I would change ‘beautiful‘ to ‘beautiful to the individual viewer,‘ since what one appreciates and thinks as beauty, should not be a group effort or popularity contest.

Here in Oakland County, We Love Our Art! We want it in our homes, our communities and as a enhancement to the experience of our day to day life. Like a reflection in a lake, our art reflects us.

Since we love our art, summers can be filled with exploring the Outdoor Art Fairs and Festivals in many of our communities. On the Summer Art Fair and Festival page, you will find a list of many of these events.

When you get there, you can expect to find every kind of art imaginable: paintings, crafts, pottery, jewelry, photography, woodworking, glass, metals and more that include works from local and national artists.

Many of the fairs and festivals will have a crafting area for kids, food court, live entertainment and the art fair may be associated with a larger community event.

Get all the details on our Summer Art Fair and Festival page.

Add Some Art to Your Day – Art Fairs in Oakland County (2014)


Many residents of Oakland County look forward to the summer, not only for the warm weather and vacations, but to visit art fairs and craft shows that take place in the various communities in the county.

These shows have everything from paintings and pottery,to jewelry, photography, metal sculptures, glass and more. Most fairs will display the works of both local and national artists, for you to view, and if you like it, purchase it (to the delight of the artist).

Below is a list of the fairs and shows that we know of in the coming months.

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