Outdoor Concerts and Movies Across Oakland County

The sounds and sights of music and film are set to be seen in parks across Oakland County, this summer. From the pristine Riverside Park in Auburn Hills, to Shain Park in Birmingham, bands both local and well-known are prepared to play music of all genres from June through September. In addition, a multitude of parks such as Community Park in Berkley or Central Park in Milford are hosting movie nights for anyone to attend. 

Pick up a soft blanket, a pillow or two, a picnic basket of snacks, and use our list of outdoor summer concerts and movies to plan an evening of entertainment outdoors.

List of Concerts and Outdoor Movies in Oakland County

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Get Ready for the 5th Annual ART FISH FUN Festival!

The 5th Annual ART FISH FUN Festival is on Saturday, June 9th, from 11am to 4pm in Beaudette Park, located at 786 Orchard Lake Road in Pontiac, Michigan. The festival is a free, public event that provides art, environmental, and educational activities for the entire family.

Over thirty activities are scheduled for the day! Events include a puppet show put on by The Detroit Institute of Arts, fishing with the Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner Jim Nash, and using super soakers to learn about soil erosion and storm drains.

Lunch begins at 1pm and lasts until 3pm. The menu includes BBQ ribs, chicken, hamburgers, and more. In addition, a Meadowbrook ice cream truck will arrive at 12:00pm and stay until the end of the festival.

Check out the video to see the fun that’s in store at the ART FISH FUN Festival!

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A Park on a River, Placemaking, and Pizza


One hundred and ninety-six years have passed by since Aaron Webster became the first permanent European settler along the banks of the Clinton River in what is now the City of Auburn Hills. He died of typhoid fever just two years later in the summer of 1823, but before his death he constructed a dam on the river that captured the power of the water’s flow to operate a saw mill.  The timber from his saw mill was then was used to build a grist mill to grind grain. That’s how Auburn Hills began.

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Nature’s Almanac At The Dawn Of Autumn



Forget for a moment the temperature soaring into the 80s all week; today is the first full day of autumn. Summer officially ended at the exact moment the sun crossed the “celestial equator”, and the crossing of that line in space only occurs twice a year.  The September equinox happened at 10:21 EST yesterday.  Get ready to celebrate the season of apples, pumpkins, hayrides, fall festivals and hikes under kaleidoscopes of color.  Oakland County Parks, our Huron-Clinton Metroparks, and dozens of other parks in our towns and cities are ready for outdoor autumn adventure.

Even with our unseasonable warmth, seasonal changes of autumn are easy to see, and sometimes hear, in the parklands, wildlands and trails that span the county. One of the most noticeable signs is the wide array of fantastic fall fungi that is spreading their spores to expand their kingdom. Moist woodlands are spawning the rapid growth of the stunningly beautiful Fly Agaric, better known by its scientific name Amanita muscaria, a toxic species, and The Chicken of the Woods (Laetiporus sulphureus), a delectable edible delight.

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The Drum Beats of Spring: Michigan’s Exotic Dancer


DSCN0519I was hunkered down against the moist moss at the base of tree near the edge of a tamarack swamp at Indian Springs Metropark. It was about two hours after sunrise. My mission was simple and pleasurable. Sip coffee from a thermos; and wait to see what creatures stirred. Sitting motionlessly in promising habitat, and just listening, is my favorite method of intentional wildlife encounters. I expected turkeys, perhaps a deer, or maybe even a dramatic appearance of the red-crested forest giant, a Pileated Woodpecker. I did not expect an encounter with a beautiful exotic dancer in the dappled sunlight of a spring morning. But as John Muir once penned, “In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.” You will discover more than you seek along the trail system that meanders through prairies, woodlands and swamp habitats of 2,215 acre Indian Springs Metropark. You might even meet the dancing drummer, a Ruffed Grouse. Go early, when the park is most peaceful. And check out their Environmental Discovery Center before heading home.

A faint, slightly muffled sound seemed to come from a tangled thicket of branches at the edge of the tamarack woods. The sound quickly snared my attention. Perhaps the sound could be best described as an old lawn mower engine struggling to start. Almost a minute of silence, except for the chatter of chickadees that flitted overhead followed, and then that odd chug-chugging sound increased in tempo and perhaps volume, or maybe it was my concentration that made the sound seem louder. My friend, the exotic dancer, the woodland drummer, was back. And if you have ever witnessed a Ruffed Grouse drum on a log to entice the ladies, well, that drumming dance is about as exotic as they come.


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