Get Ready to be FRIGHTENED! (2014 version)


October has arrived and with it comes your favorite haunts! For those of you hardcore thrill-seekers that just love to be horrified, terrified and scared out of your minds, we have just what you’re looking for!

Here is your 2014 list of the scariest ‘Haunted Attractions’ in and around Oakland County. Check them out…if you dare!

For current attractions look to the Oakland County Things To Do page.

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A Head Start Program for Turtles


The Detroit Zoo (located in Royal Oak) is 90 miles south of the Shiawassee National Wildlife Refuge in Saginaw County.  But for 27 young Blanding’s turtles that slid from warm human hands into the cool duckweed-coated backwaters of the Shiawassee at the end of August, that journey to freedom took two years. These turtles were saved from near certain consumption by raccoons when they were still yummy munchies in their eggs. Multiple agencies worked on the project, a reminder to all who appreciate the wilder side of nature that all things are connected.

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Poison Sumac: Our Wetland Beauty with a Dark Secret



Erika Cole Pratt of Ann Arbor Parks admires a beautiful poison sumac tree in a Rose Township wetland.

Swamp walkers and wetland trail hikers need to keep a sharp lookout for one of the most beautiful plants of our wetlands: Toxicodendron vernix, better known as poison sumac. This scraggly, shrub-like small tree thrives in the swamps, bogs, marshes and other wetlands of Oakland County. It is one of the first plants to dress in spectacular autumn colors that can best be described as flaming orange with a dark red hue. Poison sumac, as alluring and beautiful as it may be, presents a far more prevalent hazard to hikers than an encounter with Michigan’s only venomous snake, the massasauga rattlesnake. In these early days of September, poison sumac stands out drastically among the trailside – let the color and leaf pattern be a warning of its clear and present danger.

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New Program Announced to Improve Downtowns


mainstreet_logoThis week, Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson announced a new three-tiered program that will prepare more communities for entry into the Main Street Oakland County (MSOC) program and the economic benefits of utilizing the nationally-recognized program.

MSOC is an unique economic development program with a historic preservation philosophy and an emphasis on “sense of place.” The program helps local governments develop their downtowns as vibrant, successful districts that serve as the heart of their communities.

“Nineteen downtowns are in the Main Street program,” Patterson said at a press conference in downtown Farmington. “My goal is to bring many more communities into the fold as soon as possible. I want all the downtowns to enjoy the benefits we see now in Ferndale, Holly, Oxford and all the Main Street communities.”

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The Dog Days of Summer & Cool Cat Nights


We have moved.  1200 N. Telegraph, Bldg. 42E, Pontiac, Michigan 48341  Pet Adoption 248-858-1070 and Animal Control 248-858-1090

The Oakland County Animal Control & Pet Adoption Center has been hard at work all summer to save more lives. Since June 1st, the Center has helped more than 680 animals find or return to their forever home!

This Saturday, the Center is hosting its final summer pet adoption event. The Dog Days of Summer & Cool Cat Nights will be held on August 9th from 10am – 4pm at the Oakland County Animal Control & Pet Adoption Center  (click HERE for location & contact information), and will be offering a special discount on adoptions.

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