Oakland County College Series: Oakland Community College


Oakland Community College (OCC) offers approximately 100 degree and certificate programs, as well as university transfer degrees in business, science and the liberal arts. With five campuses throughout the county, OCC provides a high quality, affordable higher education opportunity to the community and is committed to enhancing the quality of life, health, and safety in Oakland County. Continue reading

Shop Small at Oakland County Independent Toy Stores

Beautiful little girl with binoculars inside white wooden box with toy bear exploring surroundings pretending to be on safari

Are you shying away from big chain stores this holiday season? Is supporting local businesses important to you? Oakland County is home to several independent toy shops that offer a variety of specialty toys and events that will fill you and your little ones with childlike wonder. You’ll find all kinds of unique items, like dolls, games, comics, educational toys, and more. The perfect gift may be waiting for you to find it. Be a hero and surprise your little loved ones with something they’ll treasure! Take a look at our interactive map for locations before you go.

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Trail Safety On The Dawn Of Winter



Winter hiking, snowshoeing and cross country skiing on the Wilder Side of Oakland County might best be described with just two words: Pure Pleasure. Tracks in fresh snow present an enticing storybook of wildlife activity. Cooper’s Hawks zip through woodlands. Turkeys share trails we trek, and the musical whispers of winter are enlivened by Black-capped Chickadees and White-breasted Nuthatches. A fleeting view of a mink by a frozen marsh, an eastern coyote or red fox slipping silently through the woodlands falls into the realm of possibility for those that walk slowly, stop often, lean motionlessly against a tree and then just look and listen. Continue reading

Oakland County College Series: Oakland Schools Technical Campuses


Oakland Schools Technical Campuses provide practical career technical education to high school students from Oakland County’s 28 public school districts, public academies, private learning institutions and home schools. Career training and skill development takes place at one of four, state-of-the-art, multi-million dollar technical campuses in Oakland County. Continue reading

Urban Gold: The Carpenter Lake Nature Preserve



The City of Southfield website describes the city as “the premier business address in Michigan.” With 27 million square feet of office space, over seven million square feet of retail and industrial space, and the city being home to over 10,000 businesses, including more than 100 “Fortune 500” companies, perhaps they are. However, there’s another fine attraction that adds value to the City of Southfield: the Carpenter Lake Nature Preserve. It’s a pot of urban gold for those with a love of nature.

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