Experience the #OaklandTogether COVID-19 Tribute Walk at Waterford Oaks County Park

Now until March 21st, experience an immersive light display at Waterford Oaks County Park that pays homage to those we’ve lost to the COVID-19 pandemic, gives thanks to the people who have continued to risk their lives in the face of the coronavirus to keep us healthy and safe, and expresses gratitude for all of those who have helped us through the last year during the #OaklandTogether COVID-19 Tribute Walk.

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Share your Stories with the Oakland Together COVID-19 Tribute Maps

We have all seen the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. A year ago, our lives started changing and life as we knew it was fundamentally altered from how it used to be.

As the county looks back at the last year of living with the COVID-19 pandemic, we want to recognize and pay tribute to the sacrifice and resilience of Oakland County residents and honor the collective pain and loss that has touched our lives

Oakland County has created a pair of virtual story maps that embody the spirit of Oakland Together with both the gratitude we’ve felt for big and small acts of kindness from our friends, neighbors, family, co-workers and strangers as well as the grief and loss many of us have experienced from deaths from the coronavirus.

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Frigid February Feeder Frenzy

A male Cardinal perched on a tree with frost-covered red berries and branches


Woodlands fell silent as winter’s grasp tightened and temperatures plunged to single digits. However, blue sky mornings added beauty as birds hunted for frozen berries and feasted at feeders while our coldest weekend of the year approached. Birds actually manage quite well on their own without human handouts, but bird feeders offer never-ending sources of entertainment, enjoyment, and education. They become center stage for kaleidoscopes of brilliant colors, insight into the ways of nature, and sometimes fast-moving drama.

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