Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Oakland County!

No matter your heritage, you can always join in on the fun of being “a little Irish” on St. Patrick’s Day. On March 17th, the greenest day of the year, everyone is invited to enjoy special foods, music, parades, dances, and of course, all things green!

Take a look at our list of St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in and around Oakland County for events leading up to and beyond this festive day. If you’re looking for a taproom to try an Irish or local brew, be sure to check out our Brewed Local List too. 

Need to brush up on the history behind St. Patrick’s Day? The holiday is an observance of the death of Ireland’s patron saint and originated as a religious feast day. It’s celebrated annually on March 17th around the globe, and has broadened into a variety of events celebrating Irish culture that include festivals, parades, food, dancing, music, and more.

St. Patrick’s Day Fun Facts

  • St. Patrick was originally born in England, and was kidnapped by Irish pirates where he was sold into slavery. After his escape from bondage he became a missionary in Ireland.
  • Wearing green is associated with the green hills and shamrocks of the Emerald Isle, although traditionally the color blue was associated with St. Patrick.
  • In 1996, the first St. Patrick’s Festival was held in Ireland as a three-day event. It has since grown to a five-day festival that draws over 100,000 overseas visitors to the area.
  • In Ireland, Irish Soda Bread is a traditional St. Patrick’s Day staple, and is typically served with a roast or stew.
  • In the United States, corned beef and cabbage is a traditional St. Patrick’s Day dish.
  • The north White House fountain has been dyed green for Saint Patrick’s Day every year since 2009.
  • Nearly 122 million Americans celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

Feeling the luck of the Irish yet? Keep your Irish eyes smiling with our list of St. Patrick’s Day celebrations!

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