Bring your Garden to Life – Visit your Neighborhood Greenhouse!

Spring has blossomed and the flowers have too!

If you are in need of front yard foliage or a colorful oasis for weekend barbecues, then take your wishlist to any of the greenhouses and nurseries in Oakland County.  From ‘Sugar Baby’ Forsythia at Steinkopf Nursery, to Petunias at Telly’s Greenhouse, your perfect plants are just around the corner.

When you visit a greenhouse, you’ll have the added benefit of talking to the experts. Whether you’re a novice or already have an established green thumb, you can find the latest information and inspiration from greenhouse staff.

Several greenhouses have Master Gardeners on hand to help you with ideas, colors, landscaping, organic gardening, or even issues you may be facing with pests. Starting out and maintaining your plants and flowers may seem a bit overwhelming, but with a little help from your neighborhood greenhouse, you’ll be on your way to green thumb status in no time at all.

With so many excellent places to find flowers this season, you’ll find our interactive map, complete with over 20 countywide locations, fun and easy to use. Simply find your location and click on the nearest green floral icon to reveal the name and address of the nursery located there.

In addition to a plentiful range of nursery information, our gardening map has another helpful trick up its sleeve. Clicking on the map reveals the the USDA’s hardiness zone data for that given location. By checking your area’s hardiness zone before heading to the nursery, you will be better-prepared to select the most suitable plants for your microclimate.

Now get planting and let your creativity bloom!

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