Get Farm Fresh Fare at Your Local Farmers Market

It’s as fresh as it gets and it’s right down the road. For some, it’s right next door. With pop-up tents, long tables and table covers, the local farmers markets set up shop every weekend in the spring, summer and fall.

This year is no different. The markets open in May and close out in October. Hours always vary by location, but the quality of the produce stays the same.

You’ll find fresh asparagus, crisp snap peas, ripe tomatoes, sweet corn and the greenest green beans, along with other summer favorites. Farmers markets also present a large floral selection to dress up your lawn or patio.


Whether you are hosting a summer barbecue or cooking up dinner for one, you can’t miss with one of the 25 farmers markets in Oakland County.

Michigan is known for its agriculture nationwide and leads the Nation as the top producer of cherries and blueberries, as well as apples, peaches, sugar beets and grapes.

Michigan farmers provide homegrown produce to all of the citizens of Oakland County, from Ortonville and Holly to South Lyon and Hazel Park.

Hit your local farmers market or check out all 25. Let us be your guide. For all Oakland County Farmers Market locations click the Interactive Map.


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