Stay Safe This Halloween

Little girl carving pumpkin at Halloween.

It’s almost time for the scariest, and sweetest, time of the year! Halloween is this Saturday, and people from across Oakland County will be participating. While dressing up and running around the neighborhood collecting goodies is fun, it’s important to keep safe while you do. Find your city’s trick-or-treating hours here. Use these tips to make sure your Halloween trick-or-treating goes smoothly.


      • Consider adding reflective tape to a child’s costume to allow for greater visibility.
      • Test makeup on a small section of the skin before applying to the face to avoid large allergic reactions.
      • Remove all makeup before bed to avoid mess and irritation.
      • Size your child’s costume correctly to fit over winter clothes if necessary. It is Michigan after all, you never know what kind of weather you might get!
      • Swords, canes, and all props should be flexible and small enough that they will not cause harm.
      • Take a flashlight to better see walking obstacles.
      • Don’t trick-or-treat alone! Always bring someone along or take a group.
      • Walk on sidewalks when possible so as not to trip on lawn decorations, stumps, or other obstacles.
      • Do not allow trick-or-treaters to enter the home of a stranger. Tell the children they can and should wait outside.
      • Examine all treats before consumption for allergy needs and candy that has been tampered with.

Halloween Fun and Safety


        • If you’re offering allergy friendly candy, let trick-or-treaters know with a teal pumpkin on the front porch.
        • Remove all lawn decorations that could be hazardous to excited trick-or-treaters
        • Light walkways with non-flammable lighting to avoid accidents.
        • Keep all luminaries, Jack-O-Lantern’s and candles away from doorsteps, walkways, landings and curtains.
        • Make sure all animals are safely locked away to avoid scaring the animals and children. This will also prevent animals from sneaking out an open door.
        • Keep candle-lit decorations elevated, on sturdy tables, and out of children’s and animal’s reach.
        • Use battery operated candles when possible. Reusable battery candles can save time next year as well.

Find more tips for Halloween safety from the CDC.

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