Oakland County International Airport

Oakland County International Airport.

The Oakland County International Airport (OCIA) is proud to serve Southeast Michigan and Oakland County. Designated as a general aviation reliever airport, individuals, businesses and industries can fly in and out of OCIA to anywhere in the State of Michigan, the United States, and even Internationally. Find out more about your local airport in our video below:

Airport Fast Facts for Passengers and Pilots

  • OCIA is open 24/7.
  • Over 1/2 million passengers and pilots pass through the airport every year.
  • OCIA ranks as the nation’s thirteenth busiest general aviation airport, with 128,766 takeoffs and landings; and second to Detroit Metro in Michigan (2012 data).
  • 1st certified airport in the US, receiving certificate #00001.
  • The airport was part of the first Michigan Air Tour in 1929, commemorated by a certificate signed by Orville Wright.
  • Snow has never closed the airport, preventing travel delays.
  • Major sports team fly through OCIA.


Fly anywhere in the world from OCIA:

  • Fly anywhere in the world, non-stop, on a 727.
  • Save time with our full-service customs that comes onto your plane without adding an extra stop for travelers.
  • The number of international flights has more than tripled since full-time customs service began at the airport with an average of 180 international flights per month in 2000.

A plane taxing the runway for takeoff.

Convenient Business Travel

  • More than 554 private and corporate aircraft are based here.
  • In the course of a year virtually all the Fortune 500 companies use the airport.
  • The OCIA terminal offers Temporary Offices and a conference center.
  • Did you know that with 4 or more people in a group, it may be cheaper to charter a flight out of OCIA than fly commercially?


OCIA is a Great Neighbor in our Community

  • The airport contributes over $175 million to the County’s economy each year. 
  • OCIA opened the first “green” terminal in 2011 making it the county’s first LEED certified building. The terminal now operates at 44% greater efficiency, dropping utilities costs from .70 to .39 cents per square foot.
  • Schools field trips to OCIA are welcomed to broaden students’ knowledge in the practical applications of green technology, impact of aviation on the region, and local aviation history.
  • OCIA developed a Noise Abatement program in an effort not to disrupt neighbors and minimize the impact of aircraft operations at OCIA on the surrounding communities.
  • Aviation fans of all ages are welcomed to sit on the bench and watch take-offs and landings.


The Oakland County International Airport hosts events throughout the year including an Air Show Open House, and an upcoming Business Aviation Expo. In 2016 the World Heritage Air Museum will house 50’s, 60’s and 70’s military jet aircraft at the airport. Tours and viewing will be open to the public. Stay up-to-date on OCIA news and events here.

Visit the Oakland County International Airport website for more information. Follow the airport on Facebook for news and information. 

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