Oakland County Cider Mills

Franklin Cider Mill in Franklin, MI.
There’s nothing better than grabbing a loved one, friends, or family to join you for a Fall treat with beautiful scenery and fun. Grab your favorite Fall jacket and find a local cider mill or apple orchard in (or around) Oakland County from our Cider Mill List. It’s always good to call ahead or check websites and social media pages to verify hours and times before you head out.

5 Things to Remember at a Cider Mill:

      1. Appropriate clothing. Fall days in Michigan are always tricky, but don’t get caught with the wrong accessories like gloves, scarves, or sun screen.
      2. How long will your cider stay good for? Pasteurized and unpasteurized apple cider stays good for different lengths of time.
      3. Even though it might be chilly, stay safe from bugs by packing bug repellent.
      4. Bring both cash and credit. Be prepared for cash or credit cider mills, entertainment, and small purchases.
      5. Tissues, paper towel or moist wipes in case things get sticky! There’s nothing worse than a bathroom line and sticky sugar all over, so pack accordingly.

Choose a location near you with our Cider Mill list. We hope you have a fantastic Fall in Oakland County!

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