Oakland County Casual Day Program

Each week on Thursdays and Fridays, Oakland County employees are invited to dress casually for a $1 minimum donation into the jean jar. The funds are collected each week and then distributed to Oakland County charities at the end of each year.


Last December, Oakland County Executive, L. Brooks Pattersonawarded fifteen charities and a veteran with $29,000 dollars in funds that were raised by employees. Since the program began 22 years ago, Oakland County employees have donated well over $700,000 dollars.

Take a look at our video and get the chance to hear from L. Brooks Patterson and two of last year’s recipients, Walk the Line to Spinal Cord Injury Recovery and The Rainbow Connection, for their thoughts on the importance of this wonderful program.

Last year’s Casual Day Fund recipients were:

Patterson is delighted by the generosity of his employees and their willingness to give back to the charities that are working hard to enhance the quality of life in Oakland County.

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