100 Day Challenge to Stamp Out Veteran Homelessness

Oakland County, Michigan has accepted the 100 Day Challenge to stamp out veteran homelessness, County Executive L. Brooks Patterson said. Veterans’ Services Division kicked off the challenge on Wednesday, Nov. 19 during Community Resource Day at Trinity Mission Baptist Church in Pontiac. The challenge will go through March 1, 2015.

2014_100 Day Homeless Flyer_v4 Veterans make up less than eight percent of the population, but represent 16 percent of homeless adults, according to the U.S. government. Oakland County Veterans’ Services Division will partner with the county Health Division’s Homeless Healthcare Collaborative, Detroit VA Healthcare System, Michigan Works!, Treatment and Training Innovations, Oakland Livingston Human Service Agency and Community Housing Network to eliminate veteran homelessness in Oakland County by March 1, 2015.

Patterson is asking veterans or individuals who know of a veteran who is homeless or at risk of homelessness to call one of Oakland County’s veterans’ benefits counselors. The numbers are 248-858-0785 or 248-655-1250.

“We owe a debt to all of our veterans. I’m counting on residents to join our efforts to ensure every veteran in Oakland County has a place to call home,” Patterson said.

For more information, go to www.oakgov.com/veterans. Veterans and their family members may drop in without an appointment at either Veterans’ Services Division location:

  • South Oakland Office Building | Entrance B
    1151 Crooks Road, Troy
  • North Office Building 26E | Second Floor
    1200 N. Telegraph Road, Pontiac

About Oakland County Veterans’ Services Division
Oakland County Veterans’ Services has been providing Oakland County veterans and their families with professional veterans’ benefits advocacy and assistance for over 60 years. It has a staff of highly trained and accredited veterans’ benefits counselors who are dedicated to ensuring that the sacrifices of our nation’s veterans are recognized, and that they and their families receive all veterans’ benefits to which they are entitled.

Oakland County Veterans’ Services Division’s Goal

Its goal is to obtain the maximum veterans’ benefits available for its clients through professionalism and advocacy while making the process as simple and understandable as possible. As a division of Oakland County Government, it provides these services free of charge. 

You can find Oakland County Veterans’ Services Division on Facebook by clicking HERE.

2 thoughts on “100 Day Challenge to Stamp Out Veteran Homelessness

  1. Hello. My name is Deborah. A friend of mine told me to contact you. She picks up and drops off a woman weekly to help clean her house. My friend is elderly. The woman she uses, is out of the military. My friend has given the lady a lot of clothes, furniture, pots, pans, and dishes. She pays her to help clean the house. She is fed lunch and dinner. They have been together for about 5 months now. So I am wondering, if there is any veterans that would do the same for me? I am married, elderly and disabled. My husband will do the driving. Also I have a riding lawnmower that I would pay someone to mow my lawn. I have a bunch of clothes to get rid of (sizes 10-20). I have a lot of pots and pans. Dishes and other things people could find use for. I’d rather pay a veteran to help me. I’d rather give a veteran very excellent, good conditioned clothing, and other things. I could call a company to help me, but then my girlfriend said to contact you first. So please contact me whether you can or cannot help me. So if you cannot, I will have to make other plans. Thank you very much.

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