2014 Woodward Dream Cruise – Rollin’ On!


Fear not, ‘Cruisers! The 2014 Woodward Dream Cruise is rollin’ forward amid this week’s flooding & severe rain – so rev your engines for a roaring good time this weekend!

The roads have been cleared, and all activities are proceeding forward as planned. The Cruise is celebrating its 20th anniversary, and over the years has evolved into the world’s largest one-day automotive event. It draws approximately 1.5 million visitors and 40,000 classic cars, which line Woodward Avenue from Pontiac all the way down to Ferndale.

dc2013The Cruise officially kicks off on Saturday, August 16th, at 9am. Motorists that will be driving down Woodward Avenue in non-classic cars are urged to use the inner two lanes, so that spectators can enjoy the sights and sounds of some of the world’s most iconic and rare vehicles. Local law enforcement agencies will be patrolling the Cruise route on foot, horseback, and vehicle. Additional precautions are advised for motorists and spectators, to ensure the safety of everyone at the Cruise:

  • Traffic laws are still in effect; follow the speed limit, and wear your seat belt.
  • Expect heavy traffic and slower speeds.
  • The Cruise is an alcohol-free, family friendly environment; please act accordingly.
  • Many people call Woodward Avenue home. Please obey parking laws, and treat these neighborhoods as if they are your own.
  • Dream Cruise hours run from 9am – 9pm; please respect these hours. If you are looking for activity after hours, enjoy one of our many participating downtowns!

Weather reports for Saturday show a 40% chance of showers, but this will not impact the day’s events – just play it safe &  pack your umbrella and rain coat!


If you simply cannot wait until tomorrow to hit up Woodward, several communities are holding special Friday events as a warm up for Saturday. The Detroit Free Press has a list of Friday kick-off activities available.

As always, enjoy your time at one of southeastern Michigan’s most popular and beloved traditions! For more information about the Woodward Dream Cruise, please visit their official site: www.WoodwardDreamCruise.com. Channel 7 WXYZ will be conducting a live broadcast of the day’s events from 7pm – 9pm – click HERE for more information. And if you’re snapping photos at the Cruise, don’t forget to include #OaklandCounty on Instagram – we may feature them on our accounts!

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