Winter Fitness & Fun


Like rowing or swimming, cross-country skiing is a workout that uses every major muscle group in your body. It will help you keep of some of the pounds you’ve gained during the holiday feeding fest while giving your lungs a breath of fresh air.

But lets not kid ourselves, going up a small hill is tough to start with, so staying on flatter ground will be of great benefit to the inexperience skier. But other than not being properly dressed for winter, the risk of injury is far less than many other winter activities. It is still advised that you take a couple of lessons, to get you moving in the right direction.


Here is a little list of some of the places you can cross-country ski in and around Oakland County.  Some have amenities like a warming station or ski rental and others are just a open area in which has space to ski. Many require either a annual park permit or daily park pass. Please check before you go.





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